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Traveling to London part III

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Traveling to London part III Empty Traveling to London part III

Порука  igor92001 Sat Mar 06, 2021 8:29 pm

This pandemic really took a toll on us all, and all this time spent in the house with my wife, just made me think of all the girls and women out there, being as horny as I am, and no one to satisfy them. I have watched so much porn in the last year, but that just made me think of sex even more.
Working from home, not being able to even watch my co-workers is just driving me crazy. There is this particular one, I feel attracted to. Her name is Clara, long legged, skinny, blonde Hungarian goddess. So many times I have dreamed of banging her hard over the desk or in the conference room. She is driving me crazy for over 5 years now. Maybe because she resembles so much to one of these London escorts I used to see when I was still single and living the big city life. I have wild, careless, and was making a lot of money. I was spending it all on escorts, restaurants, and just having fun overall. I miss that life so much! That much that I was actually thinking to try the services of some new escort agency.
Someone close to my place, so I can sneak out anytime, pretending to go to the gym or to buy some ciggies. Someone who loves sex and doesn't do it just for the money. Someone wild, passionate, and willing to do anything to satisfy my needs. Oh, and hell, after all this time away from sex, I have some very specific requests. But finding the right escort takes time and research. The agency I used to take girls from, no longer exists, or maybe they have changed their name, I just can't find it anymore. The girl that caught my eye, so far, looking on these London escorts pages, is called Ruby. She is working for Ma'Lovee agency and i am really planning to see her this coming week.
I'm so excited, you won't believe it, guys. I will write a review after seeing her. I'm sure many of you are curious also. She just looks so innocent and genuine...


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