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Traveling to London part IV

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Traveling to London part IV Empty Traveling to London part IV

Порука  igor92001 Sun Mar 07, 2021 9:34 pm

Hello guys!

Do you remember telling you about Rubi the other night? That London escort from Malovee agency?
Guess what? I have spent my Saturday evening with her. Oh my God, i had a perfect rendez-vous with her.
Guys, she is just amazing. She looks just like her online photos. She is bubbly, joyfull, all natural, great skin, amazing smile, and the sex... Wow! I will book her again this coming week, for sure. Actually i can’t wait to take her out to dinner. I really want this to become a regular thing, and creating a connection with her, will make the sex even better.
I am sure there will be nights when i will only want to watch Netflix and chill next to her, so we really need to create that bond, just to feel good in each other’s company.
It is super important to feel like yourself when you are having sex with someone. I hate that rush that some of London escorts give you.
Get in, get out, watching the time, counting the every second and running for the door, once the time is up. Just not my thing!
I want a girlfriend experience at all times.
The girlfriend that is up for sex all the time, willing and able to satisfy you all the way.
The talk, the sex, the vibe, all these things create that relaxing atmosphere we all need after a week of work and stress.
It is very hard to find an escort that can fit the whole bill, but when you find her, man, that is just awsome. No stress, no headache, you don’t even feel that you are paying for it, it all feels so normal. Actually to be totally honest with you, i like to help out. I like paying escort for sex, because i know i help them have a good life. A life that any beuatiful woman deserves. A life of luxury, security, a life fit for a princess. Nice restaurants, nice vacations, brand clothes and shoes, nice rides.
I love to spoil a woman, does not matter if she is an escort or a girlfriend. As long as she makes me happy, i will do my best to return the favour, and with money, that is so easy to do.
Thank God, for the money!
Hopefully this pandemic will be over by summer, so i can take her on a nice vacation. I need a vacation, like i need air in my lungs.
A week with her on an island, drinking cocktails all day long and having sex.
What else can i ask for? That’s a perfect vacation for me!
No phone calls, no emails, no stress white sands, palm trees, seafood, sun, blue ocean, peace and quiet.
But untill then, i will book her again for Friday evening, and i will try my best to make this thing last and be as pleasant as possible for both of us.
Have a nice Sunday, guys!

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